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I got a physical US copy: if I swap it with a physical EU copy, will my online and single player progression/save/trophies be unaffected?


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Asking this because I'm in EU, and I would like to buy the Season Pass, but EU DLCs are not compatible with US physical copies (tried with the free maps). I know I could buy a US wallet card, but I like my purchase tied to my real account; and since I'm half way to the Platinum, I don't really feel like starting all over.


What I really care about are the MP unlocks, and if the Trophy set is the same.  Campaign save doesn't matter 'cause I need to restart it anyway.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Your online progression would be un affected, the only thing that's maybe affected is your campaign (or anything singleplayer and doesn't need online) saves because each region has a different save code(I don't know what its called).I don't know about single player trophy progression (as in how many kills in campaign, etc..) but online progressions should stay the same because they are connected to your account.








Hope that helps. :D

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Before you attempt a swap, you may want to check that particular game to make sure it doesn't have Regional Trophy Lists.  Most games have a different trophy list for each Region.  If that is the case, you'll have to start over regardless, which would make the swap pointless (since you had indicated you were halfway to platinum).

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