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What does your trophy collection say about YOU?


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The game is pretty simple. Look at the trophy list of the person above you, and list your first impression. For example, a person who has lots of trophies from:


Call of Duty, Battlefield, Resistance, etc.: Likes First-Person Shooters

Final Fantasy, Tales of Graces f, Persona 4 Golden, etc.: Likes J-RPGs

Hanna Montana, Aabs Animals, Megamind, etc.: Dedicated Trophy Hunter/Likes Easy Trophies, etc.

Lots of Difficult/Ultra-Rare Platinums: Skilled Gamer

Low DLC trophy completion rate: Dislikes DLC

Lots of "HD Remakes": Nostalgic Gamer

95%+ Completion Rate: Perfectionist


Anyway, these are just a few examples. Feel free to come up with your own. Also, please be respectful. We want to keep this fun. :)

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Completion's for noobs xD

I want to fix that seriously.. but PS Plus >.<


I think you misunderstood the game.  You were supposed to comment on the person above you, not your own list.


I would say that your list shows you have a curious personality, but don't tend to finish what you start, there is too much new stuff to see.

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first of all *high five* for having sigma as PSN avy...







Note: to DeathNyx below... don't forget GoW III... don't worry...I will play then soon... maybe next month though... might end up having High Blood or Heart Attack due to frustration if I continue to play them continuously...

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