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Legend Will Never End Trophy Question


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The epilogue is 3 or 4 Chapters long, so, I don't know, either you didn't won in the 1st chapter yet, or you won, but got a server disconnection error when going back from the fights or something (this did happened to my when I was playing in the JPN version, where I got a drop from Soul break Ivy, and didn't unlock her, and the only thing we get from her Soul Break drop is her key...).


Other then those 2 things I don't know, but beat the Chapter again and see (the boss Chapter of this Mission is 4 battle long, all pre-boss Chapters are 3 battle long).

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I usually use the pre-boss chapters of the Epilogue as training grounds, since EXP isn't to bad, and most often then not I get an A stone from it (either of the 3 Chapters from Epiloge, all give the same gems/armor except the element is different for each Chapter, and each of those Chapters drop weapons for 2 characters, 1 of the original 3 and 1 extra).


And from what I remember those were easier then the Other missions (character unlock missions are good to get weapons for said character, and not to bad for Armor/accessories in the higher difficulty version, but are bad for EXP).

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