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Plat tedious?


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On 11/18/2023 at 10:56 AM, DecSim01 said:

Just wondering in regards to the multiplayer trophies? Also, can all zombies trophies (inc dlc) be done solo or at the very least via split-screen?

There’s only a single multiplayer trophy. It’s incredibly, incredibly easy. However… it is beyond bugged. You may earn it exactly as intended and as a result can be done easily in an hour. But if it doesn’t unlock, you’ll have to try joining different server regions (South America, Europe, Asia, etc) or using a VPN (I tried joining Asian servers and could never get it to work, however, on the first game I played with while using a VPN set to an Asian country it popped (even on a loss).


The Platinum itself isn’t really tedious but the Zombies is. Some of the different parts & upgrades have wayyy too many locations that makes finding them a chore. 

I can’t remember a single trophy REQUIRING others, however, the vast majority would be easier with another person (e.g. they can train the zombie around). Could be wrong about that though.

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It's fine to have a second person for zombie mode if they have the Director's Cut. I got mine with one D.C cut player carrying two normal players in SpaceLand. We slowly prepped to the final rounds by building up weapons and perk upgrades before it went down.


You can slow your round advancements by killing all the zombies in a round except one, then have one player bait the remaining zombie into a 'tether' and have it round around in circles like say a car or a kiosk stand. While this zombie is occupied, the others are getting their loadouts ready and stuff.

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On 1/26/2024 at 2:16 AM, SpookyHarem said:

i most definitely do not recommend doing the zombies with someone else when going for the easter egg as it makes it way harder since it’ll double the easter egg enemy for each player added

No way, no how! do not listen to this user

i did all the dlc’s to 100% with a group inevitably unlocking directors cut and the super easter egg

some of these easter eggs are just pure stupidity and the amount of steps involved just to get to the next step and the multiple spawning locations for each piece you need to collect is so random, its arguably the worst feature to any zombies game, but absolutely my favorite one of them all

i think theyve been buffed or nerfed since when i did them, but no way would i ever recommend tackling these solo

bro youre getting the super easter egg solo? Not the average player, we had to maticulously collect gather and use specific fate and fortune cards for specific trophies or for just specific steps just to get to the next step in the process, that arcade machine mini game bullshit that they adopted into every map after spaceland sucks, that wall grafiti puzzle cypher bullshit in the map with Elvira was a nightmare, along with that whole chemical mixing process to make a bomb to kill the end boss with, those ninja air jumps you had to do in shaolin shuffle, spaceland and rave in the redwoods is literally the only maps i can see anyone doing solo, it could happen eventually with the right player, not the average one though, all the other maps, unless youre just a zombies playing wizard, i would say squad up

theres like 30+ steps and puzzles and riddles to solve just to get to the boss in each map and theres no real clear path to what the next step is

Zombies easter eggs are the most random thing ever, you spawn in a map with no clear direction but to maybe turn on the power, after that youre literally hitting square on EVERYTHING to see if anything happens next

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