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Advice for EXCELLENCE-IN-COMPETITION BADGE Trophies - Habroxia PS5


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This might be stating the obvious, but try to avoid getting hit to build those combos. For invasion and shield maiden I had a pretty good combo built up when I got the trophy. Getting the power, rocket, and fire rate power ups in a run early on will help massively. I also never used shot 3, only shot 1, but that might be more personal preference.


Invasion you will probably need one massive combo or two very large which means avoiding getting hit by Tyr. I think I got to stage 38 or 39 with two 130-150x combos for reference.

for rescue mode I saved 11 astronauts but with a good combo you might be able to get the trophy getting 9 or 10.


for boss rush I think you need a full run or close to it. I believe story progress carries over, so when I was almost maxed as this was one of my last trophies, it wasn’t too difficult. Took me two tries, you can get a bunch of health pickups from some of the bosses.


all in all, it just comes down to practice like with most shoot em up. Took me a couple hours and MANY attempts.

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