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Make Money With Impunity

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Some items simply sell for more than the cost of their ingredients.


After Gozen joins go to the crafitng broker. Buy Hardbone Hilts and Steel Blades and have Lance use them to make Sabers. The first time, you will have to select from ingredients as you don't have the recipe yet. After you make the first one, select from recipe instead as it's quicker. Crafting can fail based on random chance. If that happens do not rewind as that alone won't change the RNG. It's much quicker to just keep making more. Failure will break the hilt so you should buy a few more of those than blades. Patience is required as the crafting animation is 6 seconds long. I recommend getting 27000 so you can buy lv5 and lv10 equips and 50 stack of potions.


After defeating the Demon Wolf you have to walk back(!) to Jade and talk to Costner (2 houses of south of Jade Inn). When you leave Jade he will give you the Forrest Pass in a scene. You can now go NE from Sepna Forrest - Dark Path to Ancient Ruins then south and follow the path to reach Domerune Port. Go to it's Crafting Broker (shops are along the north edge) and repeat the same procedure but with Hardbone Hilts and Moon Blades to make Dark Swords. This is the best known money making method in the game. Higher level equipment can be made but sells for nothing.



- Buy potions. Only heal 50hp but stacks are still good for healing between battles.

- Inventory management. With only 120 items slots and many items not stacking inventory management is unbearable. With infinite money you now have the option of selling anything that the shops sell without having to worry about the difference between the buying and selling price. You can also sell Beast Bone/Hide/Fang once you reach lv30 as you'll have no more use for them. Use the Beast Blood to make Mid Potions (see the crafting FAQ on Gamefaqs). The same goes for Monster items at lv50.

- After getting all 4 Party members and meeting the queen, up to 4 encounters can combine to make much more powerful and rewarding enemies. Buy stacks of Poison, Para Potions, Dark Potions, Tranquilisers, and Angel Kisses to make these battles much easier. If they charge Lunabilities, throw a tranquiliser at them. In Lumine Field these enemies are Zephyr Nagas which give 1800 exp. Sepna Forest has Zephyr Wolves that give 2000 exp. The volcano south of Rem Village, 3 combined skulls make a dragon that gives 4200 exp and 4 make a much more powerful dragon that gives 7000 exp. The boat from Domerune takes you to Venmos (?) Island where 3 combined enemies give 7000 exp and 4 gives 10000 exp. I think 4 combined enemies in the Lunar Tower give 10k exp as well though this might only be after you've been to Rem or the Volcano as part of the story. There's no need to go out of your way to grind exp too much as the enemies in the dungeons you visit as part of the story have similarly rewarding combined enemies and you'll likely level sufficiently fighting those.

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