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Overall difficulty compared to Arkham Asylum?



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  1. 1. Is Arkham City easier or harder than Arkham Asylum?

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Personally, I found it to be a tad easier though that may be because I was used to the mechanics of the game whereas Asylum was completely new to me. They are pretty evenly matched though, in my opinion but City may have a little tougher boss battles. 




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I say the combat is easier because you can just use Special Combo Batswarm over and over, and you get other moves which can take down several enemies at once. I personally found the Predator challenges more difficult though.


I have to agree with Parker. Arkham City was the first one I actually played and I did pretty bad at it. Then when I got to play Asylum I got used to the mechanics and managed to get through City much easier. But after one Normal playthrough of Arkham City you should be able to handle Hard and/or New Game+ since the only thing that really matters is you knowing how to counter enemies at the right time and using your gadgets. There's also one boss fight in particular that gives everyone a hard time in New Game+, and that's what makes me think City was more difficult compared to Asylum.

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Main story-wise, much easier.


The whole environment of the city is nice and all, but it really takes away from the main element of Asylum, and that's using your abilities and gadgets to stealthily take everyone out. There are still areas that require stealth but fights occurring out in the city are much easier when you have so much more space to escape in.


As far as the challenges go, I haven't tried any so I wouldn't know. And as Dark_Tooth said, Riddler trophies are MUCH harder to collect in this game.

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I think is harder because there are more enemy types, when you are surrounded by various types of enemies is hard to keep track of what attacks you can counter and wich you have to avoid.

Also, predator challenges are way harder since the AI is smarter when looking for you, and  there aren't as many vents to hide and hunt.

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I played Arkham Asylum after City and Origins so I was definitely used to the mechanics and I'd say that Asylum was the easiest although there was much less variety to predator rooms. Poison Ivy on Hard in Asylum was much easier than a couple of bosses here but City is the best of the three.

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I agree with most of the other members saying it is a bit easier because I played Arkham Asylum lots before Arkham City came around, so I was used at the mechanics when I played it :)


But I vote "harder" because they improved greatly on the combat and added new enemy types in, which throws you off guard. My vote is based on if you play AC before AA. One of my friends did it and couldn't even pass the first fight, where you encounter Penguin for the first time, after a few attempts.


I'm really sad that Arkham Knight is delayed though :(

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