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VR Mode and PS5 crashing


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Yo, so I decided to check this out tonight. And my PS5 has crashed twice now. 


First time after the village fight while I was mopping up the pickups.


Second time during the same chapter, after going through that little tunnel and mopping up the pickups after that little house fight. The one where there's a shed to the left with two wire traps in it. 


I dunno if it's just my ps5 (I do have a launch ps5 that I have played regularly since.) Or if it happens to others too. 


I do have the side plates off and I do clean it out bi-annually. 


So, I dunno, jus lemme know if I'm the only one or not. 

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On 12/17/2023 at 7:38 AM, keats95 said:

Yeah I'm nearing the end of my second playthrough now, and I've experienced absolutely zero crashes. Sounds like it might be an issue with your console I'm afraid 😕

Yeah, thats what I have deduced based on the replies on here and other sites. 


I figure it's because of my God damn cute ass cat. He sheds fur like no other and I already have my plates off to reduce heat. But consequently, it most likely built up more fur inside the console. 


On one hand, I'm glad it's just Me and my fur infested console. On the other hand, I have to pay $100 for a local electronic store to deep clean my console cause I'm too much of a dum dum and skittish to clean it myself. 


I appreciate the responses my guys.

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