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Warpips PS4 or PS5...


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...good sale on this game right now for 4 bucks, but looks like no crossbuy. The PS5 only lists the PS5 version, and same on the PS4. I'm assuming that won't change, and I may buy both eventually. Question to anyone that owns it, has either version got an issue I should avoid? 


...or maybe it is crossbuy, just not advertised.



No crossbuy at all currently. PS4 version on the original PS4 has some real slowdowns. PS4 version on the PS5 runs fine, but I did run into an issue where trophies stopped unlocking during endless mode. Luckily on reboot those trophies unlocked fine, but Endless God required a few tries to unlock correctly(time consuming). 


PS5 version was smooth, with no issues for me.

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Here is some advice for the two hardest trophies on this one. Endless isn't too bad, but the campaign on General is pretty rough. Cheers!



A good loadout to beat endless mode. It's pretty user friendly since it's not gonna burn through cash much. I really enjoyed this game, looking forward to more like it.


The Tomahawk pretty much takes out all spawns on it's own, and upgraded it stays out for a good amount of time.


The Tow Turrets will take out any vehicles that get out of spawn, probably the best thing to take into any map with vehicles.


The rockets and airstrikes will fill any gaps at no cost to fire.


The Warbus chopper is pretty great. While it costs 200 to bring in, it doesn't have a population count. The troops are cool with good range and damage, but best of all they place five mines on the ground before attacking! This means you can carpet the middle of the map with mines. Virtually no chance the enemy is getting to your base.


The Pipsqueaks and Warpips are all that's needed for troops, cheap and effective.


The upgrades you want are Combat Training 1 & 2 for fast xp gains. This will gain xp faster for more medals through the whole run. Get your army up to six units, then focus on ranking them up. Boost money next, then max out the army size. The other upgrade I took was Health Boost, but pick whatever you like.



Midway Island is a great map because of it's size. Good distance and wide open. Lots of room to respond to spawns, and more turret spots on the map for the Tow. I found that smaller maps speed it up a tiny bit, but it gets more intense quickly and drains money faster. Also you want your mines in a nice patch away from the boss cannon.


The spawns actually stop at cycle 11, so just keep sending troops till you get the score you want and then forfeit. I found the defensive trigger best in most situations since it increases range and lasts longer. The offensive trigger is good in a pinch to close distance and hit all shots.




Tough to survive this one. General difficulty is harder in many ways, but here are the biggest hurdles.

You fail a mission the campaign is over.

You start the campaign with no upgrades.

You start each map with only one medal.

More enemies and it feels like money generates slower.


Must have upgrades during your run.

Combat Training 1 & 2...more xp = more medals for upgrading quickly.

Bulletproof Vest 1 & 2...need those guys to stay alive as long as possible.

Modular Pieces...it can really help on some levels to put down turrets and helpful items at half cost.

All 3 in the Weapons Center...having better missiles and base turrets can help, and it's a cheap upgrade.

Both vehicle upgrades for the 3rd and 4th island...very important!

Starting supply 1-4 beyond those.


Troops you want to horde during your run, and only use for tough maps.

Tow Turret or Scorpion Pip

Tomahawk Heli

Heavy Gunner



Any base turret, missile, drone, grenade, or airstrike. (these are great at clearing dangers or getting early kill xp)

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