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Game's being delisted January 1st

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13 minutes ago, BTHRZeroX said:

Managed to grab the PS5 one from the EU store but I can not find the PS4 one on the EU store at all.


The PS4 version for the UK/EU one doesn't exist from what I can tell.


I emailed them a few times and they said it would be put up but never was, they had really good repsonding but poor communication. I assume due to the licensing agreement they could only put up the PS5 one not the PS4 one in UK/EU but Bill and Ted could be put up on US ok?


If you have an American account you get get them from the store before they go, or a Physical on ebay but it will be the US one

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Not sure if it's affecting anyone else, but I can't seem to get the Congratulations from Rocket Science trophy so i'm stuck at 90% for this game. Looked at other threads and it seems it was bugged for a while until it was patched for PS4 and PS5 (NA). Can anyone else confirm for PS5 (EU) if it's bugged for them too?


Edit: For anyone stuck on 90%, I tried the method of deleting my save file and starting a new playthrough and it seemed to work. Went straight to Level 6 and got the ending, trophy popped at "Congratulations from Rocket Science! Game Over". The game freezes sometimes which requires you to close the game and restart from PS Home menu and I don't know if that contributes to the trophy being bugged.

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31 minutes ago, Sendai-Horatio said:

The Jurassic Park and Gargoyles collections from them are something to watch. Because they needed the music and other rights for those games as well. If those get pulled then it's for sure that Limited Run paid the bare minimum for digital distribution.

Gargoyles was published digitally by Disney. It should be fine. Jurassic Park is LRG though.

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17 hours ago, pavelbagirov said:

Доступно обновление PS5, если у вас есть физическая версия PS4 или вам нужно купить физическую версию PS5?

i think you can't update, game delisted

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Well great, I didn’t even know about this until now.  Usually with licensed games I felt this would’ve been up for a few years before they pull it from stores.  Wanted to get it on Switch too.  Guess I have no choice but to get a physical copy of it now. 

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