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Beware of Severe gamebreaking Bug


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I played up to the story mission 'stop the ooze' (near the end of the game) yesterday, booted my game up today and my map is completely empty. So no missions I can play anymore that includes story missions, NPC's can't be interacted with anymore, only thing left is a marker that sends me into a building where the very first skill you obtain in the game is back on the table again and nothing is happening when you pick it up. even


the master smith that died is back alive and the portal to anoenma is gone

My savefile is completely broken after 30hours of play and there's no way of fixing it.Believe me I tried everything, multiplayer, reloading my save, teleporting with the touchpad nothing works. I checked multiple forums and it is a known bug to occur at ANY point in the game completely bricking your savefile forcing you to replay it all over again. The devteam never bothered to fix it either, stay away from this broken mess of a game.

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