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Platinum: the online aspect


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Greetings colleagues.


I'm 80% SP gamer, but, we all know that everyday new games come out with multiplayer/online portion, even when sometimes we don't like it, some of our beloved franchises had felt in that dark side (GOWA). 

Some of this online trophies demands so much time that we have to look for boosting parties to reach 100% (and the Platinum)

Obvioulsy, there are gamers who don't give a damn about trophies, they love mp and will play their games for hundreds hours.


Anyway, I'd like you to include your online trophies considering the next categories: Fastest online trophies unlocked, First Platinum using a boosting party.

For enthusiastic mp gamers (those who play online everyday with no boosting parties): longest Online Platinum.


And as something extra, your first 100% (Base game plus all add-ons)

*I know that there's a "100%" post, but it's commonly used for posting Digital only games as Journey.



FOTU1S0ae2a4.png Pro evolution soccer 2013 (25-28/9/12)


FPBP 1Sd828ed.png  Singularity


Well, I already said that i don't play online too much so I don't have a Longest Online Platinum.


F100% 1S8cef50.png Sleeping dogs (I bought all Add-on content, sadly Zodiac Tournament has no trophies)

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