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Are your Challenge Cups stored locally or online?


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To rephrase, if the servers were to go down, would the points I earned from Cups in online challenges be erased?


For instance, if I were to obtain at least 2000 points worth of Cups from online challenges now, and the servers were to go down prior to me earning Truly awesome!, would that trophy become unattainable for me?  

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The game locally saves a full snapshot of your cups and last known position in the leaderboard from the last time you were online.


To test this I uploaded my save file and deleted both my local save and the game itself, then redownloaded them. Everything was there when I launched the game again without a connection.


The only thing I can think of that I didn't test is if the save has an "online memory" timestamp that eventually expires, which is super unlikely but not completely outside the realm of possibility.

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