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Get all collectibles in one playthrough


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A post like this is in the NA forum version of this game but not everyone is going to see it, like I say in the title make sure you get all collectibles in one playthrough because the trophies don't pop over multiple playthroughs even though collectibles stack, also in case you miss anything you can clean up before officially ending the game :) hope this helps at least one person, the game is on sale right now so more people should buy and play it

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I had a problem with the first collectible.  It did NOT appear on top of the night stand even if I restart a new game.  It does not help that the game is also so dark, not sure if it had something to do with the 4K TV settings but nothing seems to be on top of it.  But I still got it in the end, after collecting the last one by the Ferris wheel.  It may be because opening the drawer for the key automatically picks up the collectible item?  I can only guess.


In any case if this happens, do not waste time endlessly restarting the game just to pick it up.  Move on and just check the night stand each time we respawn to see if it is there.  If it still does not appear then it is most likely that the game has registered it as taken, pick up the very last one and the Collectible trophy should pop.

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