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Top That, Tisha! DLC trophy advice


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I was struggling with the method that YouTube videos were suggesting for this trophy. (Using the fences at Blue Crab Grill carpark to get the 5 headshots) My game decided every arrow would get stuck lol. 


So I found a better method:


- Fast Travel to Venice Beach - Blue Crab Grill - Day


- Go to Skills - survivor cards - Flow State card 


- Inventory - curveball - Military grenade 


Then what you want to do is jump over the fence on the right side and then throw a grenade. This will make more zombies come out of the drains. (I had about 10 altogether)


You should see a black LAPD van. Climb on top of this and wait for the zombies to gather. Then just aim down and headshot 5 in a row. Worked first time for me. 


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