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Avoid playing vita version


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Hi everyone, I had to start a new run on my ps4 version of game (playing on ps5) as the vita version was a complete laggy mess, so this is just a little warning. I did buy game to play at work but damn just have to work more then lol. Maybe playing on ps4 is the same as vita am not sure but defo playing on ps5 makes it run really nice, but this game is by no means easy, easier with save upload/download trick 🙂 oyea and there is no cross save so start whatever version you want to play just a heads up 👍 Happy new year everyone 🥳

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1 hour ago, Deceptrox said:

I played the whole game and platted it on Vita. I don't recall having lag issues as far as I remember, only issue I had was with my Vita itself due to ghost movement of the sticks. The game is challenging, yes but nothing impossible to pull off.

Maybe its just my vita then maybe on its last legs 😩

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