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Abnormal Difficulty, Extreme Speed, ​​Low Fps!


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I find the games made by this company successful, but the PS4 and 30 fps paradox overshadows the good work it does (I played this company's games on PC with high fps and high graphics settings). So in summary: Ps4 games are extremely bad, but the games it makes for PS5 are excellent. For your eyesight and mental health, do not buy 30 fps racing games, this is friendly advice.


These damn games are not like the pixel games we played in the past, playing at high fps is a requirement. If you're playing on a big screen it should never be below 60fps.


Why did Codemasters become legendary in the past? He was running his games at 60 fps on PS4. (Codemasters is now a disgraced Ea slave, and makes terrible games, that's a separate topic) + (Codemasters has now been turned into a freak company that makes games with Unreal Engine. 'Of course, it is a conscious destruction campaign with EA policy')

(( III. Charles, I call you to duty. Let Codemasters become a British company again and regain its freedom))


PS5 WRC 9: Excellent
PS5 WRC 10: I'm afraid to try it because of the bad experience I had with the PS4 version.
Ps5 WRC Generations: Excellent


PS5 EA WRC: Shameful crime, disgrace, Unreal Engine freak, EA terror, EA bought it and Codemasters is now a freak. (Screen tearing, low fps, soulless game)



I'm trying to complete this since I used to start with the ps4 version. For the first time in my life, I am experiencing the problem of not being able to come first in a rally game. The worst racing game I have ever played in my life is Ps4 WRC 10.


I haven't won a single race in the Wrc class, the AI is playing me to death even though I set it to 50%.  What do I need to do to get rid of this game and throw it into the dustbin of history? Playing is already a torture due to low fps.



I played a little closer and played with a smaller monitor instead of a large TV due to the low fps. The most disgraceful WRC game I've ever seen in my life, if you haven't played it yet, don't approach the Ps4 version. The difficulty in the game, the bad controls of the game and the 30 fps grind are incredibly bad.


Note: The difficulty setting only works on the Estonian track. On other tracks you have to play to death. (with 30fps)

Note 2:  I wish you patience in the Portugal leg of the 50th Anniversary Mode. I worked for 3 hours for this. (with 30fps)


Controller Solution: Just try this Settings for steering (Left and Right): Sensitivity: -10 Deadzone: 50 (!) Saturation: 100 Rescale: yes (!)


Car and Track Solution: https://wrcsetups.com/wrc-10/setups




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1 hour ago, SSerdarSS said:

What do I need to do to get rid of this disgusting game and throw it into the dustbin of history? It's already a torture to play because of the low fsp.


just play something else if it's torture to play, play something you enjoy

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It might be a good idea to delete it and get rid of it.

Never get involved with this game, I don't think you will suffer this much in the PS5 version, but the PS4 version is a disgrace. 🤕


There was even screen tearing when playing on PS4, and the game was running at 20-30 fps at most. Now I'm playing on PS5, stable 30 fps.

But the WRC vehicle is so unstable and its acceleration is so ridiculous that input lag becomes a problem for you due to low fps.

The game already has the worst control in the series, and on top of that they added a different dimension to the torture with low fps and stupid times.

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