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Few Tips ( Easy Trophies)

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Here are few tips by which you can get many hardest trophies by cheese .


1: Long Live The King


This is hardest trophy in game and easily misable too , you can get this trophy in a second by joining anyone who already got the trophy and it will pop for you too.



2: Zoologist


Join any expert and ask him to give you three dead animals and trophy will pop for you 


3: Highway To Hell 


Join anyone who has already ritual in his hideout, get a package chicken from super market on 150 Cr or ask hi. To give you package chicken and do ritual at night , trophy will pop for you 


By these , you can get alot of trophies easily 

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I messed up with Bruno and can’t get his expert skill but I got every other skill. I know you can do it on another save and still get the trophy but starting all over again for one missable skill is very annoying… at any day I will do it and when the day comes the trick for „Highway to hell“ comes in handy. 

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