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Trophy Games Played wrong order


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I noticed the other day when I was looking at my trophies earned on my PS5, that Street Fighter 6 was at the top of the list, suggesting I had recently earned a new trophy for it, but I haven’t. For some reason it’s bumped itself to the top of the list, even though I haven’t earned a trophy recently. Reckon this is a server bug? Even here in PSNProfiles, SF6 is the top of the list, but all the trophies earned are from months ago? July was I think when I last earned a trophy for it.


Does anyone know what might have happened?

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Apparently PS5 games will do that when you earn partially tracked trophy progress. Like if the game has a trophy for 100 wins and it moves from 20/100 to 22/100, it'll count as updating the trophy list, thus bumping it to the top of the list.


You don't even have to play the game for that to happen. My Sifu list was bumped up by just booting the game. I suspect it might have something to do with them either adding DLC trophies or adjusting some existing trackers.

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Oh wow, that will be it! I didn’t know PS5 counted partial trophy progress like that. I did recently play SF6 so I must have made some progress on some of those trophies that track the progression. Thanks all, it was driving me mad!

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