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PS5 Upgrade Path for Physical PS4 copies?

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I have been recommended this game by many of my friends, so when VGP had the LRG physical copy for PS4 restocked and on sale recently I picked one up. I just popped it in, expecting a free PS5 upgrade given the other forum threads I had read, but can't for the life of me find one. Reviewing some old twitter replies from @NightInTheWoods and @FinjiCo around when the PS5 upgrade went live and the LRG physical copies were announced, it seems there is something weird with the SKU information for each edition of the game, but I'm not sure.  


Is this a case where I'm SOL and would need to buy the digital edition as well in order to play the native PS5 version? If so, is this a game where the upgrade is drastic enough to justify buying the game again (from what I can tell its probably not, but would love to get a second opinion)?

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Welp, it doesn’t. While unfortunate, (especially since digital editions got the PS5 upgrade free) it would be nice to at least even have a paid upgrade path given there is no physical PS5 version, but alas the only option is the full price cross-buy edition. 


I guess I’ll have to live with the PS4 version for now and wait for a deep sale on PSN. Thanks for your help!

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