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Butterfly Album - resolved - updated butterfly list!

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Have the requirements for this trophy changed? My butterfly album only has 27 slots in it and has completely bugged (pardon the pun) out!!!! I have The Hungarian Glider in my inventory but it isn't showing up in my butterfly album. It's making finding the butterflies very difficult... help please! :)


Edit: For some reason the Hungarian Glider/Holly Blue/Rhetus Periander doesn't count... I got my 27 slots filled in my butterfly album and the trophy popped... what a headache!!! Just in case anyone else is struggling - this is the list I have:

Page 1 - Lasiommata Maera, Asian Swallowtail, The Mourning Cloak, Peacock Butterfly

Page 2 - High Brown Fritillary, Scare Swallowtail, Lemon Leaf, Small Tortoiseshell

Page 3 - Cabbage White, The Hermit, The Great Banded Grayling, Silver-Washed Fritillary

Page 4 - Northern Chequered Skipper, Lesser Purple Emperor, Purple Emperor, The Old World Swallowtail

Page 5 - Red Admiral, Emperor Butterfly, Gold Kaiser-i-hind, Birdwing

Page 6 - Common Blue, Painted Lady, Euphaedra Janetta

Across Pages 7 and 8 - Blue Oakleaf, Marsh Fritillary, Clouded Apollo, Crowned Hairstreak


Hope this saves someone a migraine! o/

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