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UziClifford is arriving


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PSN ID : UziClifford
Age : 25
From : Paris, France
What about trophies : I discovered trophies few years ago, when I wanted to start trophy hunting it was definetely too late because of a backlog with something like 50+ games to finish. That was too much for me :/
So I wanted until the release of PS4 to start a new account and try keeping my trophy collection the most beautiful it can be. Here is my pnsprofiles trophy card :


What about games : I love every kind of games, except sports one and fightings one ... Too bad at it, and really frustrating for me. But I can really enjoy every others type of games.

Well I will finish with some apologie for my approximative english, maybe some of you guys may know french schools are not the best place to learn english :)

Thank's for reading and feel free to add me on PS4 if you want to !

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Hi!, Welcome!

No worries, your English was fine; and plus we are only human. I tend to typo a lot on the site, while having to correct myself a later. 


See I just did it right there, if you got to read it before I corrected myself; it sounded completely strange..lol

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