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I returned to the Workshop to find Adelinka next to what looks like Etelag's dead husk... Please tell me I didn't miss the cat quest.


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I began to explore Earth Bowels East (didn't beat the area, nor did I even find the cat yet) and I stumbled upon what looked like Adelinka's dead body (she had previously disappeared from the Workshop).


I returned to the Workshop to see if she would actually still be there, and she was, which is good for the earrings quest... but as mentioned in the title, the apparently dead cat was also there.


Did I trigger something I shouldn't have somewhere, or will I still find Etelag in the Bowels if I keep exploring and be able to give it the third bottle of milk? 


I ask because I've got a backup from about two hours ago I could return to, which would be annoying but less so than another whole playthrough just for one quest. Thanks.

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