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Emperorship Stories

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Share your success and failure stories of gaining Emperorship. 

Attempt 1 (January 2nd 2024, Daggerfall Covenant, Europe Icereach): 
I had prepared a maxed mount speed character beforehand, initiated approximately 6 quests from the Cities of Bruma and Vlastarus, as well as two additional Cyrodiil introductory quests. About 15 minutes before the campaign resets I slay Longfang (delve boss) and gain a 1-hour Alliance Points boost effect. Shortly after the campaign resets I turn-in all quests to gain 7k+ Alliance Points, making me first for Emperorship on the Covenant leaderboards as well as giving me a 6000 points head-start over the person in second place. 

Having exercised my admittedly short-sighted game-plan I begin advancement towards an enemy inner-keep. I place a catapult in front of one of the outer walls and begin spamming projectiles. 10 minutes into my attack, I am attacked by two enemy players. Having had tried to fight back and failed I flee away on my mount. 

During those same hours of play, other Covenant players emerge, namely the Hero Goblin @Kjempklovn. Occasionally, they share their next attack plan via the in-game chat. I join them during their raids on resource towns, outer keeps and occasional inner keeps. Making sure to participate in the capture of each site's flag if I can.

@kjempklovn demonstrates incredible skill against AI enemy guards. Presumably this characteristic is what enabled them to single handedly conquer keeps and resources.   

7 hours into the campaign @kjempklovn is first for Emperorship amongst our Alliance and has a 30,000 points lead the next in line. They agree to change character and thus abandon claim to Emperor, but others - primarily @IMiLLoZz had already passed me on the leaderboard. 

Since I cannot fight NPCs and capture resources - and since others don't usually share a rendezvous point - I find myself left out of any chance to gain significant amounts of Alliance Points. I leave the campaign after 8 hours of continuous play. 

A day later I discover @IMiLLoZz had become Emperor.        

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Just to add to this, I went for emp as well the same reset week as seam. If you are going for emp on EU Icereach, it is best to do it on DC characters unless you are good at pvp and can gather a group of friends. This may change over time, but DC was the most active and had the most amount of skilled pvpers when I got emp. It's just a matter of staying on top of the AP leaderboard. As long as you are on top of leaderboard, you will eventually get pushed, especially if you are on DC and another alliance has emp. 


I was sitting on top of EP leaderboard for about 4 days because DC was defending like mad. At one point, 2 DC players had 5 characters in their top 10 leaderboard lol. My friend actually helped flip the keeps to EP for me while I was afk with the help of other rando EP players, but he did not have an easy time. At one point, they were 1 keep away from crowning me as emp (dc afk at that time), but then got pushed back when DC came back online. Keep in mind, my friend was top of DC leaderboard too, and wanted to get emp himself, so he needed Millo to get dethroned. So, you may or may not have the same amount of luck if you are only working with randos. 


If you really don't want to play on DC on EU, it is not impossible to get emp without friends. The DC players do take breaks and let the keeps flip. Maybe they had more time than normal because it was the last week of winter break when I pushed for emp, but from what I can tell from the people I talked to, the top DC pvpers do consistently play. 


Honestly, I think NA Icereach is much easier to get emp on. During the 4 day stretch of me sitting on top, I decided to push for emp on NA too because I had very little hope for EU at that time. NA Icereach flips significantly more often EU. I would say keeps flip about 1-2 times per day, so it shouldn't really matter which alliance you choose. I got emp on NA on AD by staying on top of the leaderboard. It only took me about 24 hours to get crowned once I hit the top of AD leaderboards. I got pushed by completely random people, so don't be afraid. 


TL:DR - number one thing to get emp in Icereach is staying on top of the AP leaderboard. Not much politics needed since it's typically just a bunch of randos who just love to peev. EU is harder to get emp if you aren't DC, and alliances shouldn't matter if you are doing on NA. 

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Yeah, you need to be able to farm, and if not pvp a bit. If they can. Then why can't you? Even top players can die. It Depends on what u use and how u utilize sets with skills. But without a doubt it would suck for a new player to go up against a veteran in a low level campaign. They do it because its easier kills. The real veterans are in high level campaign. And they would easily kill those who gatekeep in low levels.

Miloz and kjempeclown got killed in the killfeed and i never see them doing something amazing in high cp campaigns ever ^^ .

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Hey that's unlucky and can feel demoralising but don't give up! For emperorship, especially going at it solo, you need to maximise your character for pvp to give it the best possible chance of being able to take on npc's, solo keeps/towns and be able to compete against pvp'ers. Having a high speed stat on your mount doesn't make much of a difference when you can just use the skill in the assault tree to make your horse traverse the world at 200% speed per activation. 


Here's the strat I used: Take your preferred class to lvl 30, during which time you are going for as much skill points as possible, skyshards, quests that give a skill point per completion and, with your main character, craft sets with traits that are suitable for PVP. As an example, I made a stamina-templar class, brought it to lvl.30 and incorporated the Hunding's Rage set with another (off the top of my head I cant remember) and focused on the biting jabs, two sword lunge ability and the overhead swing on my 2H bar, with my ultimate being the werewolf skill-line which ripped apart the npc's and caused a nuisance to PVP groups.


Keep in mind, that at least 70% of the people who play on the under lvl 50 server are excellent at PVP and have perfect gear and have maximised the potential of their class. They mainly play this server to be able to pub-stomp on new players before returning to their main characters. They're not impossible to kill, and know of all the strats to take the lead off of someone going for Emperor, but you can go toe to toe with them following the above ^.


For another great chance of success, make a post here and try and coordinate with three other people, along with making another character on another alliance to basically swap emperor back and forth. You won't have to worry too much about maximising your character as you'll be on comms with your team mates to check the points and help capture keeps and resources together.


In my case, during my Emp run in EU Icereach, I had two other people in my alliance fighting amongst themselves pushing the point total up a ridiculous amount to around 350k above me. I managed to control the situation and asked them to leave the rankings once they got it and worked hard to help them get it, and in return they came back in with other characters to push me to emperor. In total I played from the Thursday morning - Monday afternoon on my run, with my only rest being sleeping for 7hrs and food. I also had my run extend for more than 7hrs as both the Aldmeri and Ebonheart pack banded together on the last keep and forced my alliance out, who then ended up capturing the ring again. Had to wait for them to step off and then I went for it with two friends helping. Funnily enough, one of my friends who was there just to help me ended up in a solid position in the rankings and ended up getting the emperor on his lvl 12 character aha.

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First attempt - some time in mid 2021 in an under-50 campaign

Found a group to play with, and one of the players in the group was a previous Emperor. It sounded like a lot of other players in the other 2 alliances did not like this player due to past experiences, so we were often getting ganged up on by the other 2 alliances. We never came close to taking Emperor because we couldn't take keeps, we just didn't have the numbers in our alliance. I was still learning the mechanics of Cyrodil. I put in a lot of hours but did not even come close to getting Emperor. Campaign only lasted 7 days and I failed. I was pretty demoralized because I played A LOT that week to get up the leaderboards, and it was all for nothing. My mount was also probably very slow/low stamina at this time. I had only started playing the game regularly around March 2021. 


Second attempt - start Nov 30th 2021

CP Campaign, I was CP 1058

Put in approximately 77.5 hours from 11/30 to 12/5

One other player got Emp before me; thankfully, he dropped out of the campaign after getting it or I may have never gotten it

I finally got it and ended up getting it a second time while I was asleep because I was still at the top of the leaderboards the next time my alliance got Emperor


Hours played per day during the Emp push was roughly:


Day 1 - 9.5
Day 2 - 14
Day 3 - 18
Day 4 - 16
Day 5 - 13
Day 6 - 7


It's entirely possible that I could have reduced hours played and just continued to play consistently throughout the month and still have a shot at Emperor, but I wanted to get it done with as soon as possible since it was the last thing I needed for the platinum. 


Definitely one of the most grueling things I've done in a game or for a trophy, and it may have shaved time off my life expectancy 

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