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Survival and Time Attack Issue

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Last night, I beat both time attack and survival on RF2, but neither trophy popped. I do have the special assistance feature on (where you can do special moves with the right stick), so I am wondering if that is causing the issue? In the options, that feature does say for offline use only, so maybe the trophies only register if you upload your score to the leaderboards? The assistance feature does not affect arcade mode trophies though. I don't know. I am very confused, as a lot of the trophies in this game have weird conditions. Can anyone help me figure out how to get these trophies (required settings, tips, etc.)? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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I figured it out! For future reference, these trophies do not pop with special assist on. However, using a second controller to continue in survival and time attack is OK. I was able to get both trophies using this method. Hopefully this helps people who are bad at this game like me haha

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