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Gang Attack Bug

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Gang Attack doesn't showing in online: i already reached the level required and receive the call from martin madrazo (i have his contact) and still none appear in my map, i know they have specific time and location, i already verify multiple times, but still does not work, tried to reset the console and stuff like that and same

I know the some people had this problem already but i cant find any solution, if anyone knows please help!! Thanks

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I currently have the same issue and haven't found a way to to get them to spawn either.


 Known fixes include;

 - Don't play on invite only / solo servers, play on normal public servers.

 - Visit Lester & Trevor if you have not done their introduction cutscenes. (This is if Martin doesn't call to introduce gang attacks)


 Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

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Hey, just find a way that works for me, dnk if it's a solution but see if works for you: just went for a place really near where a gang attack stars in that time of the day and then keep going to different sessions, after 2 changes the gang attack spawn, i try to went to invite only (solo) session to test it and it works too, good luck!

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