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Speedrunner Trophy Difficulty?

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I'm curious if this trophy is difficult for others, or if it's just me. I've run through as fast as I possibly can, skipping waves quickly and forgoing upgrades and still can't finish a run in less than 20 minutes.  I've been timing myself, and I'm typically around 28 minutes, my fastest was 23 minutes.

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I think this trophy is glitched (in a good way) and that I got mine when I wasn't supposed to. Like you, I was trying to speed run with my best times being at like 18 minutes at the start of Battle 4, just absolute trash. So I decided to focus on clearing ascension instead. During one of my runs, I saved & quit during one of the earlier waves in Battle 5 (to re-roll some bad rng.) I immediately re-loaded and completed the battle/run and the game somehow awarded me with the Speedrunner trophy. I was completely caught off guard because, although I wasn't timing myself, I know for a fact that whole run took more than 20 minutes (I think I was on Ascension 7 so I was for sure taking my sweet ass time with attacks, upgrades, etc.) Perhaps give this a shot and see if it works for you?

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