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Glitched training checklist?

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Hi, I've done this springboard dive a million times for my last objective for the checklist. but it will not pop.


The details are as follow:


Player state: Standing


Opponent state: Standing


Location: Inside the ring



Please help as this is my very last trophy for the game.


edit: never mind i figured it out.

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On 1/11/2024 at 9:10 PM, HuntingFever said:

How did you fix it?

the game pretty stupid... 


basically you will need the enemy standing outside the ring (preferably in the center).


next you will have to jump on enemy from the inside of the ring onto enemy standing outside. 


you will most likely need a high flyer e.g (rey mysterio, brian kendrick, jeff hardy, etc.)


screenshot is from another game but this is the position u would want.



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