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FIX/Trophy list doesn't sync anymore

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EDIT: I hit the dev up on discord and he suggested the wildest fix I've ever heard of. Starting the game with a Dual Sense controller logged in forced the trophy list to sync.

Mindboggling. So if anyone has the same issue, connect your regular controller too and you will get the list to sync. If at any point the issue is completely fixed, let me know so I'll edit the thread again.






Hey peeps.


Just a quick heads-up: I bought the game yesterday (EU) and the trophy list, while shown in-game, doesn't transfer to your PSN so no trophy can be achieved. I tried everything to get it to sync, like clicking around in the trophy cards, restarting the game, nothing worked. The entire list is unobtainable.


My suspicion is that whatever "fixed" the two broken trophies for people who already had the list synced broke the entire list for everyone new, who doesn't have it synced yet.


If anyone has the dev contact, shooting them a message would be much appreciated. Or point me in the right direction and I'll hit them up.

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