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Moving Region and PSN


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Hey everyone, so basically, I'm in Australia at the moment, and I want to move away from the country as soon as possible.


However I heard region change is not possible for the PSN, so I was wondering, what would be the best option if I wanted to move to somewhere other than Europe/Middle East? (Based on my readings, I've noted that if I move to Europe/Middle east I will not have any problems in terms of playing online/downloading games).


If I moved to the US, other than creating a new account, would I still be able to play games online? and download games online? I really dont want to make a new PSN account, because of trophies.

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The only problem will be games that you purchase through the new region's retail stores. You'll be able to play them fine, you'll just have to buy DLC on a new account made in the region you are moving to. You can still play the games and the DLC on your australian account should you wish to do so, you just need to make sure that the region of the disc is the same as the region for the account you purchase DLC on.

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PS3 games are region-free, however DLC is not. Match your DLC to your region's disc /download and there won't be any problems, e.g. AU disc and AU DLC, US disc and US DLC.


Note that EU and AU are both considered PAL regions and the discs and DLC are compatible, e.g. a UK disc works with AU DLC and vice versa. Conversely, AU (PAL) and US (NTSC) are incompatible, e.g. an AU disc will not work with US DLC.


You can play any game / DLC on your PS3 from any other region. For example, create a US or UK PSN account to buy games from their respective PS Stores, and you can play those games on your AU account. And yes, you can access the PSN in any location regardless of its origin, e.g. playing an AU account in the US.


At the end of the day 250 trophies is nothing (you can easily make them back within a month) so don't feel hamstrung by your AU account.

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Cool, thanks everyone for the answers, and I'm not moving immediately, but it is in the not so distant future, I suspect I'll have more trophies by then, and also on top of this some of the online ones are hard to get nowadays.

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