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If you can't take save from ps5 to ps4

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6 minutes ago, ARIXANDRE said:

That is strange. 

Both EU and NA PS4 stacks have four impossible times. 


Anything new on that front or cheats?

Someone said this in another thread: 

I've played the PS4 version on the PS5, earned the platinum legit. Afterwards, I downloaded the PS5 version, it asked me if I wanted to do a save transfer straight away.


All you need to do is load all four of your saves (one for each Hogwarts house) and ALL trophies auto-pop. I hope this helps! Please note that you only need to complete the game once. The other three saves only require you to get to the Map Chamber, which is roughly 2 hours into the main storyline (if you skip dialogue/cutscenes

That's when importing your save to the PS5. So, based on that logic, these four people have most likely downloaded a PS4 save set and resigned it using the PS4 Save Wizard software. Then, upon loading all four saves, they automatically triggered all of the trophies.

Basically, they're cheaters and need reporting.

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