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Corpse Party Blood Drive debug menu

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So this game has a debug menu for the korean version of the game on the ps vita, but i dont know how to activate it. I tried doing some research on it, but no one seems to bother explain how to do it. Can anyone help?

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First off, do make sure that the game is on version 1.00 as this will ensure the debug menu can be activated.

To activate the debug menu, press L + R + :triangle: together while on the start screen, and you’ll see an option in the debug menu called “Trophy Menu”, and in that, simply click on all of the trophies one by one and each trophy will pop, followed by the platinum. 


Enjoy! ^^

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Shame it’s only the (South) Korean release of this title the debug interface exists on. Heck, even if it applied Worldwide I’d seriously question disposing $55 Australian all for a debugged platinum.


PSPrices states the last time this was on sale was the 2018/2019 January Sale at $10.45 AUD and as is the case for every other PS3 + Vita release post the 2019/2020 January Sale, will be discontinued never again.

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