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I used to be an Xboxer


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Yeah, Amsterdam is a nice place. A lot of tourists love it. Haven't played Second Son yet. Just finished inFamous on the PS3 and I'm planning on playing part 2 first before moving on to Second Son. AC4 is okay, not the best AC game in my opinion but still fun.

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Thanks for the welcome guys. My son can do far too much with consoles already. He has been watching his mum play Peggle on the Xbox One a lot and knows how to turn the console on via the Guide Button. He even tries to turn it on using voice controls, but can't say Xbox. So he says "Abba". I think that is because he thinks the winner takes it all! :)

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Welcome.  I too was on XB360 last generation, but I am giving the XB1 a miss for now at least.


Since getting a PS4, I also picked up a Vita and a PS3...  :blink: That's how impressed I am about the way Playstation does things.  PS+ and the IGC... colour me a very happy customer.  


So far, I regret nothing about switching sides.  I'm sure you won't either.

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Welcome to PSNP, hope you enjoy your stay :)


I'm absolutely lost with xbox gamerscores and everything related.


110,000 gamescore will be equivalent to how much level in playstation just for curiosity?

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I guess there are many setbacks in my house. But I hope we can still be friends :)




If you're wondering why the 360 thumb pad is a little worn, my son has been chewing it.



I used to work for Playstation and in my first year all the new reps were supposed to take a pic of themselves to be included in the opening slide of the conference. Well I took a real nice picture but failed to notice I had my Gamecube box sitting in plain site ^_^...luckily you can also see my PS2 box right behind it :P



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