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Leon Dancing "Not this Guy Again..." Easter Egg?


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So I googled what Leon just did on my game and I can't find it anywhere?
In the Castle, before the water  room, I came down the stairs, Salazar started speaking and Leon held his pinstripe hat and did a dance 360?! Has anyone else seen this???


Ah, so it seems whilst wearing the pinstripe suit and having the Chicago Sweeper with unlimited ammo, pressing reload makes him perform smoooooth moves.

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23 hours ago, joho_beast said:

Did you try to reload the chicago sweeper when it has unlimited ammo? That messed me up quite a few times cause I would try to reload out of instinct and then Leon would start dancing and then I would die lol


Yep, I'm dancing nonstop now by accident, lol.
Just the first time I saw the dance was after Salazar spoke and then Leon said, "not this guy again" and did the spin, so thought I managed to make it do something cool.... but no, must just be what he does with the Chicago with unlimited ammo 😅

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