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Weird, lesser known tip, for 100% DMW scenes

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Hello, for those who are using the special materia trick (4x Materia for a specific character + 2x Lucky Stars for extra luck and going to a M1-1-1 or M1-2-1 with a regen accessory).


If you are noticing your luck has significantly dropped (used to get a DMW scene every couple minutes, now you've been dry for an hour +?) try this one simple trick:


Finish your mission, save, close the game, restart the game.


I have no idea why, but it worked for me. I spent a lot of time last night trying to finish off my DMW and I had no luck after a while. Rebooted the game and it's like my luck came back...

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That works in alot of Final Fantasy Games because they work similar to roguelikes on a RNG-seed. if you played ff10 you probably know how horrible the monsterfarm grind can be but you can manipulate the rng seeds by exiting/entering areas again or save/loading. either method gives you a new spin on the wheel and some seeds are better than others. this has been confirmed by many dataminers over the years and is a case for almost the entire series

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