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So I'm having a hell of a time getting Ringo.- shoot an enemy as high as possible and rag doll dogs back Over the wall.


Each time I try to get these. The zombies just plop to the ground, or the dogs don't clear the wall before falling back behind it.


Any tips or tricks for this


What sensitivity did you have controller at


How much aim assist 


Did you use Grenade launcher or assault rifle for the doggos.


Been at this for a good 2 hours 😕


Wish there was a faster way to reset chapter. Even a rewind.


Also, when it comes to getting all routes; are we able to go thru chapter select to chose alt. Routes or does it have to be in one go .

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On both stacks, I got it on the third doggo on Stage 1 right before Sophie gets captured. I used the assault rifle with the infinite ammo cheat on a harder difficulty so it didn't die too quickly and just blasted it as it was leaping at me. Didn't touch sensitivity, aim assist was on though.

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1 hour ago, Blackmist_FFXI said:





I luckily managed to get it! 


Just after posting I managed to knock the dogs back Over the wall had to time it just as they were mid jump. 


Got Ringo off the 3rd dog just before saving Sophie, shot it as it leaped at me and it flew over the moon.


And to answer my own question.

You don't need to finish a full run to get traveller. 


If you go into stats>travel distance it will tell ya what %your at.


I was at 96% only path I missed. And unsure if it was listed In guides diagram. Was getting punched off a balcony into Cort yard.


Start > save 1 > save bridge > shoot right, to go left > shoot monkeys> as door opens, get knocked over ledge by zombie > finish path.

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