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If I want to be removed from the leaderboards....


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So crazy ? or rather ?s regarding the leaderboards and being removed from the leaderboards.  As I've said a few times in various posts on here, I consider trophy leaderboards (not just this site's, but all) to basically be meaningless.  I actually find it to be a little annoying.  Red.  Green.  Red.  Green.  Up this day.  Down this week.  So I was wondering if I can request to be removed from the leaderboards.  Also, if I am removed from the leaderboards, does that erase all of my other statistics such as trophy completion percentage, the two most recent games I've played and the most recent trophies I've earned and all the other stats, etcetera, etcetera?  I would actually prefer to see my profile minus the red and green and the meaningless country and world rank numbers, but everything else is fine.  I would like to see everything else.  I like seeing my trophy completion %.  I'm not a 100% trophy completionist, not by any stretch of the imagination, but about three years ago, I was sitting at 68, 69% and now I'm at 78% and change so I do like to keep track of that.  I'm just wondering if I can request to be removed from the leaderboards and if so and if I am removed if everything else in regards to my psnp profile is erased as well.  Just wondering.  Thanks to all for reading this and to anyone who has any information about this.

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1 minute ago, DrBloodmoney said:

I’m not sure about the phone thing - I seem to recall it may be possible for phones - I use it on desktop, but just use the vanilla site on phone.


the info is all here:



It works on iOS after installing the User Script program but for Android you need 1 of 2 specific browsers installed, before you can install PSNP+. HusKy's thread has all the details :).

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@DrBloodmoney  @HuntingFever  Thank you both very much!  Yeah.  I Googled it up a little while ago.  I'm not that tech-savvy and it seems a bit of a pain on my phone.  Oh well.  I'll live with the Christmas colors. LOL Thank you both again. 

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