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Sunshine Roof and Single Shot Killer Trophies: The Easy Way

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After having recently obtained Platinum in the game, I thought I'd share a couple of videos showing reliable methods of obtaining the Sunshine Roof and Single Shot Killer trophies without a lot of fiddling around. The suggested methods in the trophy guide videos aren't very reliable, so in order to avoid wasting time I'd suggest using the methods that worked for me the first time I did them rather than messing around trying to hit moving targets from 1000+ meters and hoping the trophies unlock. Hopefully these will help someone, enjoy!


Sunshine Roof: rather than trying to make Zarza's vehicle explode with explosive bullets, or trying to snipe him while the vehicle is in motion, just drop a shipping container on the truck as he tries to escape. Works every time.



Single Shot Killer: use conveniently placed explosive barrels to take out 2 of the 3 suspects as they escape rather than trying to snipe them while they are running all over the place, giving you time to deal with the third suspect. One suspect will hop in a truck and drive directly past a group of explosive barrels, the second suspect will run directly past a group of explosive barrels, and the third suspect tends to run and hide near a wall where you can easily take him down once he stops moving for a couple of seconds.



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