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Clash in the Clouds - Blue Ribbon challenges


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Well, this is a topic for people who are having a hard time to get them. I'll explain step-by-step some of the hardest blue ribbons i had to get it:


OPS Zeal (wave 9, if my memory is correct) - kill the siren before it resurrects an enemyr: drop to the floor below you start very quickly, open the tesla coil tear and throw two flame traps near the 3 corpses there. If you do it right, the siren will arrive as soon as you throw your second flame trap, fire at her with your volley gun and shoot a lot taking care to not miss a single bullet. That should be enough to get the blue ribbon.


OPS Zeal (wave 15): This wave looks very hard when you play the first time, but it's not. Go around using the skyline using possession on the patriot (pay attention to the sound of the handymen, drop off as soon as they start to electrify the skyline, make sure you open the patriot tear and you'll have 2 patriots working for you. You don't need to kill the 3 enemies with vigor, so the patriot tear should do all the dirty work for you. Bewave with the handyman standing still in the middle of the arena, its electrified blasts do a huge amount of damage if it hits. He won't come after you until you kill the first handyman.


Duke and Dimwit Theater (wave 13) - hit 5 targets with a single devil's kiss explosion: as soon as you start, throw a crow's trap where all soldiers are standing, on a plateau in the center of the arena. Then use devil's kiss, if you do it quickly and right the flame will spread along all soldiers that were hit with your crow's trap. (very hard trick to do it)


Duke and Dimwit Theater (wave 15) - beat the stage in under 1 minute and half: use undertow to toss all enemies in the floating ships as you "climb" (using the sky-hooks) your way to the zeppelin, try to possess a rocket launcher soldier to help you in your way. Do it very quickly because you have time to complete it. Once inside the zeppelin, get the salt potion inside and possess the rocket launcher soldier in the right. Fire your volley gun at will while you run to the engine, destroy it and run back to a floating ship using the sky-hook. Note: you don't need to kill all enemies on this wave, just the necessary ones. Your main goal here is to destroy the engine and go back to the floating ship and the wave ends.


Raven's Dome (wave 10) - don't take damage for 30 seconds: there will be 2 decoys here. Hide behind a big tree and keep alternating between the 2 decoys to distract the soldiers. Don't go out of your hiding spot until the blue ribbon notice appears. No difficult at all.


Raven's Dome (wave 14) - kill all enemies with the same weapon type they are using: Go with a machine gun and a RPG launcher. Don't drop off the floating ship you start the wave. From there, locate all soldiers. There will be 3 types of weapons: rocket launcher, machine gun and shotgun). Kill all 3 machine gun soldiers and 2 rocket launcher soldiers that are alone. There's a third rocket launcher soldier who is near two shotgun enemies. Don't try to kill him with your RPG or you will kill the shotgun soldiers with its blast. When you kill all other enemies. Drop off the ship, get a shotgun within a tear and kill the 2 shotgun soldiers. Then, all you will need to do is to kill the last rocket launcher enemy.


Note: i'm still trying to get all blue ribbons in emporia arcade, that's why i haven't posted any emporia arcade hints. Don't mind getting the blue ribbons on your first try, Prepare yourself first buying upgrades and etc... All hints i posted here were done with all upgrades possible for its weapons and vigors. Those waves i mentioned were the ones i had more trouble to complete the blue ribbon challenge. Hope they'll be useful for you.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/clash-clouds/221237-easy-glitched-way-get-blue-ribbon-champ.html i didn't do the exploit way ,but there is a way to exploit it really easy i leave the link for anyone how can do it and don't have enough time 

but Isn't that considered Cheating your way to the achievement i mean it's not like i am saving my game save on a flash like  some trophies out there but this one u aren't even doing the challenge not in bits heck your not even doing them all to get the 60 Ribbons. i am currently doing them and yes some are tough but with a guide and max upgrades it's doable.

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but Isn't that considered Cheating your way to the achievement i mean it's not like i am saving my game save on a flash like  some trophies out there but this one u aren't even doing the challenge not in bits heck your not even doing them all to get the 60 Ribbons. i am currently doing them and yes some are tough but with a guide and max upgrades it's doable.

don't  if it cheating just maybe some cant do it the legit way  , hell anyone view it the way it is, i did it with a youtube guide for tow challenge when the dlc release,  of the dam handyman and a got it 

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I'd have to say that method you mention above is cheating in a way but seriously if you can't do these challenges the normal way without tampering with your save data then you don't deserve the trophy. The dlc wasn't even hard and if your struggling then look up youtube videos to help. Your never goin to get any better at games unless you challenge yourself instead of exploiting game saves

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Yeah as someone trying to do all of them right now, I can say that cheating is not an option for any worthy trophy hunter. I mean boosting is one thing, and you feel kinda proud of MP trophies you don't boost. But SP has absolutely no excuse for cheating or being dishonest. If you aren't up to the challenge then you don't deserve the trophy, simple as that.

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This thread proposes a real nice idea, but it seems people rather cheat using exploit and then complain when people frown upon them. Anyway, I have some great tips that aren't usally found in most guide if anyone cares to read.


Gun tips:

The shotgun is one of the most useful guns for the entire course of CiC, its upgrades are very cheap so it's a great gun to pick early on. Hail Fire or Volley are very excellent choices when you need to deal damage very fast, such as against Handymen and Patriots. Hand-cannon can also wreck most big enemies provided you aim for their critical point and have head master gear equipped, you can down a handyman in about 5 shots with the HC. Sniper Rifle is another good option in both situations: fired from the hip or aimed at the head of the enemy.


Vigor tips:

Undertow. Seriously, undertow is the vigor you'll want to use for most challenges. It affects pretty much every enemy with the exception of the siren, you can pull as many as 3 enemies near to you and finish them with a single shock jockey. Patriots take heavy damage from that combo undertow+shock jockey combo too, sometimes killing it outright. Charge is another great vigor once upgraded because it can function as panic button if you have low health + no shields, it will recharge you shield in instant after you hit an enemy with charge, and it also goes great with burning halo gear. Possession is also another great tool because it works on almost all enemies, making them work for you and even if don't do anything, the enemy kill themselves at the end, so it's one-shot one-kill vigor at least.


OPS Zeal Waves 1-9 is very standard, any waves that don't require specific weapons you should just use possession or undertow, it will deal with any enemies with ease.


OPS Zeal Wave 10: Have charge fully upgraded + volley or hail fire fully upgraded. Starting the wave, look down on the siren, charge her, then destroy her with volley/hail fire, she should go down very fast. Alternatively, you can just pull all bodies with undertow then push them off the board and the Siren won't have a thing to ressurect.


OPS Zeal Wave 12: Undertow. Pull them then push over the ledge, shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.


OPS Zeal Wave 14: This one can be a bitch since any shot that gets near the shoulder can void the challenge. Isolate enemies, shock jockey them and try a headshot with the sniper on the forehead, don't try shooting in their eyes/mouth/nose region, it may fail the challenge.


OPS Zeal Wave 15: Grab the sky line and go to the left from your starting position, shoot one of the handymen to alert them to your position and have murder of crows ready. Now do as much as damage as possible with your gun of choice but leave it with very little health left, taking care to apply murder of crows repeatedly so handyman don't break off and attack you. Now, once he is close to dying, you have two options depending on what's your situation: If patriot is near, just use possession and watch it kill the 1st handyman. If Patriot is not nearby, just some devil's kiss until it's dead. Go for the second Handyman, do the same with 1st handyman until is close to dying, if Patriot killed the 1st one, use charge (Be careful to not have burning halo equipped) to kill, if not just use Possessed Patriot and you should be fine. For the patriot itself, just go with undertow + shock jockey combo.


Duke & Dimwit Wave 3: Bucking bronco + volley/hail fire = WIN. You can stay where you start, enemies will just come after you one by one.


Duke & Dimwit Wave 8: Return to sender is your friend here, stay up in the ledge where the enemies spawn and possess the turret on the flying barge, then use return to sender in order to defend yourself while the turret destroy the enemies. Reapply possession when needed.


Duke & Dimwit Wave 13: Hard to get, but has a flawless method to it: Have charge and devil's kiss equipped, charge any of the guy above the gazebo, when you get there plant a devil's kiss trap and it should kill all of them, getting you the ribbon. You can try also just equipping charge and burning halo but that may leave it for chance, hadn't great luck with this method.


Duke & Dimwit Wave 15: This one a breeze if you know this info: You don't need to kill all enemies to get the ribbon, you just need to rush to the engine of the zeppelin and destroy the engine in the allowed time.


Raven's Dome Wave 8: Hard one, but it seems you can push enemies off ledges with undertow and still count towards you.


Raven's Dome Wave 9: Undertow pull and push. I am saying undertow too much? Maybe, but it's because it's great.


Raven's Dome Wave 13: Another hard one. I suggest having return to sender and a sniper in your set for this one. Go left when you start but stay up in the balcony, throw about 4 or 5 return to sender traps and then notify the snipers of your position, then duck around the middle of the balcony edge. The snipers will slowly go towards the decoy in the center, keep activating it. When they're right next to the decoy, activate and be prepared to kill one of them FAST, they will destroy the decoy in one hit. Do the same for other sniper. Now, still on balcony, do damage to the patriot until he's close to death. At this point, I go down and activate the decoy in the center hoping the Patriot notices it. Once he does, kill it. Do the same for next Patriot, but use the decoy near his spawn point since it's easier.


Raven's Dome Wave 14: Undertow kills doesn't nullify this challenge, use this to your advantage.


Raven's Dome Wave 15: Not hard, plenty combinations can be used here and it's just a handyman + 2 firemen, can defeat one of firemen with charge or devil's kiss, then the other with undertow, murder of crows on handyman and any weapon of choice to bring it down.


Emporia Arcade Wave 2: Plant one or two devil's kiss trap underneath the bridge that has a sky-line passing below and keep riding the skyline until a enemy gets killed, repeat the steps for 2nd kill.


Emporia Arcade Wave 3: You can use possession on this one, no need for traps and hazards com tears.


Emporia Arcade Wave 6: Return to sender is your friend here, keep using it while killing enemies with the shotgun.


Emporia Arcade Wave 7: One of the hardest. Undertow the first two enemies that come in the barge in front of you, then shock jockey/murder of crows then. Damage the fireman enough that he will kill himself after the vigor wears off. Use undertow again and he will explode the other enemy. In the second set of enemies, do the same, but now you can grab 3 enemies at once. Very tricky but still doable.


Emporia Arcade Wave 8: Undertow to pull and push regular enemies, undertow and shock jockey to defeath both Patriots.


Emporia Arcade Wave 10: This one I got on my first try but in the middle of the wave I've ran outta of bullets...solution? Spectral Sidekick, the game didn't care that which spectral weapon was firing the enemy, so I just switched weapon on the ground until everyone was dead.


Emporia Arcade Wave 11: Hard as hell. I recommend looking some YT for Handyman moves against the tear, since it can easily destroy it in 1-hit, thus nullifying your challenge if you shoot it at wrong time. By the way, if one of the Handyman kills himself through friendly fire, it's okay, you still can get this ribbon.


Emporia Arcade Wave 13: Well, undertow again. Simple as that.


Emporia Arcade Wave 15: Throw about 3 or 4 devil's kiss trap where the body spawns, when the siren gets close just blast her with volley/hail fire.


I used some guides to help me with this, but the best one was this:




As for YT videos, I used this guy's channel and playlists:




Very detailed and it will give most helpful insight to deal with each wave and ribbon.


Good luck to anyone still trying to get this legit.

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the blue ribbons might have been easier without the exploit if it wasnt for the fact you cannot restart challenges to try the ribbon again you have to go through all waves to have another try at it (up to the wave you need) which is just tedious if you need the handyman one on 15. Myabe having an option to rety a specfic wave but you cannot gain any points or cash, so you cannot farm it for ez upgrades would have been a better option.

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For anyone trying to get this trophy legitimately on PS4, there's a glitch involving Firemen which makes Emporia Arcade's Wave 7 Ribbon unobtainable.




This video shows a glitch involving Firemen, preventing the obtainment of Emporia Arcade Ribbon #7 on PS4: "Defeat two enemies with the Fireman's suicide attack."


As shown in the linked video, the explosion should kill infantry in one hit: https://youtu.be/BnjXukSYQ7g


Due to a glitch on PS4 however, the explosion will either not do any damage (0:04), or even heal a weakened enemy (0:24), making it impossible to obtain the trophy. This is not just a visual glitch either, as it did take several shots to eliminate the last enemy shown in the video.




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On 16-11-2019 at 2:34 PM, HuntingFever said:

That glitch has been there since launch but it doesn't always happen.


From my experience, and from what I've read, the glitch itself IS consistent, Hunting.


People have the trophy anyway because there are more glitches, but they work in your favor. Somewhere along the line, one ribbon counting for two, or counting twice, is how I got mine. It's also possible the Fireman ribbon does count if you get it right, but there's no way to actually get the ribbon. I know, because I tried.

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4 hours ago, fadingtrails said:


From my experience, and from what I've read, the glitch itself IS consistent, Hunting.


People have the trophy anyway because there are more glitches, but they work in your favor. Somewhere along the line, one ribbon counting for two, or counting twice, is how I got mine. It's also possible the Fireman ribbon does count if you get it right, but there's no way to actually get the ribbon. I know, because I tried.

Unless I'm confusing this with a similar issue (which is entirely possible) - I think this glitch can fix itself, because I have a vague recollection of that happening to me when going for this trophy a few years back but I don't have the game installed at the moment so can't double check my stats ?. 

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