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is there a nice roadmap for platinum?

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Hi folks,
Just bought this game. Platted Desperados and Shadow Tactics and wondering now is there a way to make platinum a bit less time consuming? Like completing the game on highest difficulty first to unlock something or have less pain later?

Since there are no guides i can see, I'm asking is there a way of playing the game so I won't have to play the same levels like 4 times?
Anything worth noting down before i start?


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Earning the platinum is basically tied to getting 85% completion, tracked by earning badges. The game is designed so that the criteria for all the badges are only revealed when the main story is finished. Therefore, you basically have two options:


Option 1 - You can use the Badge checklist posted by @Hartgroove in another thread here to do some of the completion badges during your main playthrough to reduce the post game grind. This may be quicker, but it'd probably sour the experience constantly referring to a checklist. Also, some badges are tied to specific crewmates that are unlocked as you progress, so you'd probably need to replay missions regardless.


Option 2 - Play the game blind and then get all remaining badges post game. This is what I went for. I'm 25 hours in and I've just finished the main story. I'm at 40% completion. Playing this way will probably mean it takes me longer to get the platinum, but I'm also new to this genre so I've just been enjoying gitting gud and discovering the badges naturally.


Edit - forgot to mention, difficulty doesn't matter so you can play on Easy to speed things up if you want.

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6 hours ago, BusyFace13 said:

difficulty doesn't matter so you can play on Easy to speed things up if you want.

This is mainly what i was worried for. I won't play on easy, but won't also play on uber hard. Normal is just fine.

I guess I'll go blind first just like you do. Thanks for the answers. I really appreciate it!

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