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What kind of party did you go with?


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I decided to name my party after characters from the Sly Cooper games (even tried to color-coordinate the Onion Knights). As for jobs, I went the classic setup of one Tank (Murray), one Melee DPS (Sly), one Healer (Bentley), and one Magic DPS (Carmelita). I did minor job switches when needed (Mages/Geomancer for Mini Dungeons, Dragoons for Garuda, Dark Knights for Cave of Shadows) but otherwise my party was mostly consistent.


Carmelita: Black Mage-Magus-Sage

Given all the electrocutions she causes in her home series, this seemed fitting. Carmelita was a solid party member for the whole game. She got a few levels in Dragoon for the magic-resistant boss of the gold manor, but otherwise she stuck to being a caster. For endgame I switched her over to Sage so I’d have a second character with Curaga/Curaja/Arise.


Sly: Monk-Black Belt-Ninja

As a nod to his namesake, I dipped into Thief for a few job levels, but the siren call of big damage pulled me back to Monk. Sly absolutely wrecked everything by mid-late game. His regular attacks did great damage, and things just got silly with 2x-boosted attacks or Shurikens.


Bentley: White Mage-Devout

Unlike Carmelita, I decided against making Bentley a Sage due to the Devout’s higher MP. It’s hard to say no to 20+ Curaga casts. There’s not much more to say. There was a lot of healing involved and a fair number of Aero spells getting tossed around.


Murray: Warrior-Knight-Viking-Ninja 

Murray was a real tank throughout, but by the end I wanted more DPS so I switched Murray from Viking to be a second Ninja. Having the ability to do an extra 8-9k damage a turn with all the Shuriken I bought helped a lot with the endgame bosses.

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I name my party after my two daughters and their favorite stuffed animal.


With that said, I have a stuffed elephant who's been a Warrior-Knight the entire game. A teddy bear that has been Monk-Black Belt. The two girls have been Black Mage-Elementalist-Summoner and White Mage-Bard-Devout.


In the end, the teddy bear would be a Ninja and one of the girls a Sage. I like the Knight's look, so I'm keeping that one.

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Warrior -> Knight -> Viking -> Ninja

Black Mage -> Magus -> Sage

Monk -> Ranger -> Black Belt -> Ninja

White Mage -> Devout -> Sage


Yeah, I know, boring party comp, but hey it works.

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