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At how much posts you rank up?

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1 hour ago, draqilo said:



32 minutes ago, x49ersblitzkreig said:

I want to know too tbh also is it important to rank up or no?

I dont think its solely about the number of posts you make. I believe its the amount of reputation/reactions you make off them too and length youve been active on forums. I could be way wrong but that was my assumption.  

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I think various things give different point values.  Let me test this reply, here is before:

    Your Current Rank
    Apprentice (3/10)
    75 points until your next rank
    And after:
    Your Current Rank
    Apprentice (3/10)
    70 points until your next rank
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  • Solution

There is another post on this somewhere, but I think it is:


  • 1 point for every reaction you make to a post, or receive from your post
  • 5 points for posting a new status update & replying to a thread
  • 10 points if you create a new thread


Each level requires a certain amount of points, to level up.


Get active!!!

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