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Minibots Trophies help


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These are the last Trophies I need for the Platinum. They seem to be easy, but I actually have no idea what to do at all and the guide is no help.


I used to have 89 coins: I put them all into the machine and I redeemed prizes for a while, but at a certain point I suddenly went to 0 out of nowhere and it doesn't let me do anything. On in the other hand, after I finished another mini game, the game told me I have 70 coins, yet the Minibots mode says I have 0.


Additionally, do I need a Move controller or what? The guide is not clear at all and I am clueless.

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All right, thanks to a Reddit user who helped me, I got these Trophies and the Platinum, so here are my clarifications:


I'm not sure what happened earlier to me, when I suddenly went back to 0, either way the main problem was that before putting the Controller in its space, you need to put coins into the machine. To do that, you need to slip your finger on the touchpad. Once you have inserted all of your coins, you can put the controller into the machine and, again by slipping on the touchpad, you can use coins to redeem prizes. The guide says you need a total of 90 coins but I believe only 60 are actually necessary.


Once you have earned the Trophy for collecting all of the prizes, you can earn the Trophies for looking at the monster and for keeping the helicopter in the air. The monster is high on your left, slightly behind you.


The helicopter is also on your left, in front of you, slightly down. That was a tricky Trophy because you don't need a Move controller at all, unlike what I thought: I was tricked because the guide has given this Trophy the "Mic required" tag. Turns out that tag is completely unnecessary, because the Vr has a built-in mic. So, enlarge the Vr and put it down, making it cover your nose and your mouth instead of your forehead: the mic is on your left. With the Vr not worn, you can notice it by some holes. Notice that you may have to remove your glasses to put the Vr in that position, I had to do it. When ready, blow for 10 seconds on your left, in direction of the mic, while looking at the helicopter, and after 10 seconds of it in midair the Trophy should pop.


Hope it helps somebody.

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