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Anyone else had key problems on CC DLC?


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So, I am playing on ps vita/ ps5 the first game with all DLC.

All was going well until I attempted the second CC epic dungeon. I got to the yellow key room, and I think I picked the key when interating with the curio that was there. (Focus on think it was like 5 days ago)

My team was, lets call it, not well. I aatempted to go to the yellow door and got there, but then saw I didnt have the key. (This was today)

I tried to get back to the key room but lost a SB on the way, had to retreat.

Didnt have an invitation, etc, did a few dungeons and went back. Now, I dont have the key. I am sure the key wasnt available to get with caretaker. The room that is supposed to have the key shows às clear and there ir nothing there. (Am following the link from steam where some guy posted all maps btw dont know if thats accurate)

Still cant get past yellow door.


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Never ran into this issue, but I guess it could be an unfortunate glitch. The map layouts should always be the same for those specific dungeons, so if the game won't let you have the key and progress, it might unfortunately be that the Crimson Court progress is softlocked for that specific campaign.


Been ages since I played Darkest Dungeon though, so it could be I'm missing some obvious mechanic. But from what I remember those dungeons are designed to be cleared in multiple attempts, and any progress within the dungeon should persist when you return.

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