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"Fortunate Fighter" Trophy glitched?

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Hey guys, i'm currently on a quest to plat this game and i noticed i didn't get this trophy. When i thought i should of got it and i didn't, i started counting when i get a lucky box. So just now, i reached my third today, and still no trophy. Did anyone else ever experience this? What can i do? They've all appeared in ghost battles if that helps anything

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You have to get 3 lucky boxes on the screen. You can get up 10 lucky boxes after you win a battle. Getting 1 lucky box in a battle and getting 2 in another one doesn't count. You have to get 3 boxes in one battle. It's all about luck so just keep trying.

So it's all about luck. I barely get lucky boxes at all. Well hopefully i'll get it before i reach Tekken Lord, I'm already 18 dan. Glad to hear it's not glitched. Thank you!

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