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So since the game just came out in the US/EU I figured we should have somewhere to share info about SOUL SACRIFICE DELTA.


If you discover anything in game or hear about from someplace else feel free to share it here.


Offering Changes


Rising has been renamed Stonefist and can be charged up just like Homing.

Roar's charge time is now optional.

All Throws now has a small cooldown before you can use it again. 

Cursed Talisman hits one time per cast

Fly-Count's Crown (L) damage has been lowered to 32.

All Summons can be destroyed by an Archfiend's roar

Mine's now shoot out more tufts, a (L) now shoots out 5 instead of 3.

Arboreal fruits can now be held on to before you eat it.

There are 5 new Offering types Spear, Other, Parasitic, Rising, and Faction.

Both Evasive and Healing Offering can be use while a Weapon, Arm, Spear, or Beast is equipped.


Gameplay Changes


You can only have 2 of the same type of Offerings per-battle unless you use Sigils change it.

You can no longer boost Offerings to a higher color with weaker color, now you have to fuse them.

A.I. partner are now much stronger, so strong the can kill low level Archfiends with out you doing anything.

The top, bottom, and hood of Raiments are now swap-able. You can also get Raiments that look like you A.I. partners like Sortiara and Sympatha.

To get new Raiments you have to trade Offerings for them.

Rumors work now and each one does stuff like boost EXP and makes Archfiend's be less aggressive.

Some Offerings can combo when use together. (I'll list the ones I know about below) 

When boosting or fusing Offerings you can choose how many to make

To get black Offerings you need a gold Faction Testament Offering.

The way the story is told has been enhanced in a few ways. 


Offering Combos

Note: Most of these have to be the same element.


Armour+Blitz (After the first Blitz you can charge up a more powerful Blitz)

Armour+Roar (When you Roar the element will shoot out from you)

Armour+Shield (The Shield will get bigger and you can use the epic shockwave)

Bomb+Mines (The Bomb will absorb the Mines and shoot them in the air, the Mines will then rain down on the field)

Bomb+Terrain (The Bomb will absorb the blanket and turn into a turret)

Summon+Roar (When you Roar the Summon will break into little one that run around and attack enemies)

Summon+Homing (When you hit the Summon with enough of the Homing it will attack much faster)

Weapon+Mines (When you charge up the weapon it will absorb the Mines element) 

Terrain+Throw (While you stand on the blanket each of the bullets will power up)

Terrain+Explosive (While you stand on the blanket the Explosive will charge up)

Terrain+Homing (While you stand on the blanket the charge up time for a full powered shot is much shorter

Regenesis Seed+Roar (After you use the seed if you roar any ally in range will be healed.

Arboreal+Roar (After you eat a fruit if you roar any ally in range will get the boost from the fruit as well)

Parasitic+Area Heal (After the Parasitic is on the enemy heal it to make the Parasitic bloom)

Arboreal+Arboreal (When you pick a fruit throw it at a tree to add that fruit's power to the tree)

Arboreal+Area Heal (After you pick a fruit If you heal the tree the fruit will grow back)

Arboreal+Rising (If you use Rising on a tree the area will become one of the areas that boost stats while standing in it.)


That's all I got right now, but if anyone find anything feel free to post it. 

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