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Your first PSN friend ever.


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I don't remember who was first (as the Playstation rep I had tons of employees adding me) but the first person I truly remember was DJ_Helyx as he was the one who welcomed me to the Buzz Quiz World boosting group, taught me how to boost it and I remember him getting super pissed because some guy got the trophies and left the group so he had to go searching for someone else to help us.


It was him that invited me to PS3trophies.com and got me into the whole trophies community :)

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I'm almost positive my first friend was NeoStormshadow. That would have been back in October of 2008. We're still friends and talk occasionally but haven't done any co-op or mp in a long time.


If it wasn't him it would be my cousin dukyfromhell but I doubt it.  

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My first PSN friend I'm pretty sure was item_324923. We helped each other get the Dante's Inferno "It's in the Trial" trophy. That was also the first time I ever visited a co-op partner thread. I rarely see him online anymore. He told me he plays more on pc. I still keep him on my friends list though.

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I played MW2 split screen multiplayer with 2 of my old friends who lived in my neighborhood because I didn't have internet in the house.

It was fun we just played rust over and over, 3 of us on one TV haha, when I finally got internet I rushed home from school that day, signed up to PSN and added those guys. ;) 

One of their psn usernames was delsmad0 his mom made it for him and for the part where you enter PSN name, she thought that was the part where you put in the password.


So his name was Ashley and because she thought the Username entry box was where you put the password, his password was his PSN username also.  :facepalm:

The password was his step dads name 'Del' and I guess they know something I don't because apparently he's mad.

The password was delsmad 0 and that was also, my friends username on PSN. Well done Ashleys mom, you were great.


Moral of the story, don't let your mom make your psn account.

They're all retarded when it comes to technology. 

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I take it this guy loved google chrome?

no actually he hated chrome, he's a apple fanboy so everything he owns is almost related to apple and i met him a few days ago and he was still rocking a hard ass boner for apple, i guess he just liked the chrome color :D
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