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Have you ever met anyone in person that you initially met through online gaming?


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1. Who was it?

2. How did it go?

3. PSN or XBOX LIVE or PC or what service?

4. Do you still keep in touch?

5. Did it get weird?

I've been meaning to ask this to you guys/girls. I was going to post this on PSN section, but the answers might not have anything to do with PSN so it's here. Tell me you're story. I'll pick a random one for a year of Premium. Then I'll tell you mine... trust me both stories are really good. Bring Popcorn! Let's get this started!

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Joined a clan online playing COD on PS3

Met up with them a couple of times on nights out - about 20 or so men and women.

Haven't played any of the last 2 COD games so aint active in the clan any more but still have several of them on my Friends list and game with them in other titles occasionally.

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My Wife, met through WoW guild then subsequent meet ups with larger groups of peeps who played together.


Moved 300 miles to be with her, changed jobs and now we've been happily married 2 years, so yeah it went very well :)


Something similar to this actually.  Met my future wife on Runescape almost 8 years ago now and dated throughout college and then moved to Pittsburgh a couple years ago and we'll be have been married for a year this June.


I've also attended a real life meeting with my clan leader when Washington DC got hit with that major snowstorm.  Funnily he's from Australia so he was like OMFG SNOW. Whereas I was like woo snow bleh. :P  Haven't talked to him in a long time since I'm not in the clan any more and we tend to clash.


I also attended a real life meeting with two other mods from the fansite I used to be a mod on.  That was probably the weirdest one because it was two women and me and we weren't close or anything but all happened to be mods.  


If you want to see some weird real life meetings just search for Wilderness Guardians Real Life Meeting #1-10 (not sure what number they on now).  Most of them are on Youtube and they tend to do a lot of weird shit.

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I used to play on a TF2 server called 2 Fort 2 Furious with a few of my real life buddies and we all became friends with a few of the regulars there. One day they decided we were close enough that they'd take a trip down to Kentucky to hang out and we ended up having an almost week long LAN. 


We still talk occasionally but we never really play TF2 anymore. It never got weird either, we got to know each other fairly well online before they came down so it was like talking to old friends when they got here. 




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About 16 years ago, I was hanging out at the Infogrames forums (I think that forums is no longer exist after Atari took over). They had a lot of sub-forums there. One of them was an "Off-topic" forum, kind of like this one here, but more open. There, we debate almost about everything from religions, politics, life, and everything else we could think of. I learned a lot about the people there by the way they write, the way they argue their cases, the way they troll, and their behaviors afterward when they realize that they were wrong. I have great respect for people who put up a good debate to defend their beliefs, and then later apologized when they realized that they were wrong. There were also a lot of people who knew that they were wrong but kept on dancing around the issues and never admitted nor appologized, kind of like you know who today, period. It went without saying that there were a lot of heated debates, flame throwing, name calling, and trolling, and there were people rejoined under different email addresses as fast as the moderators could ban them.

Anyway, I mentioned that I was moving. Where? To Planet Earth, of course. One thing led to another, I was kind of letting serveral trusted friends to know which city I was moving to. They offered to help me move. I turned down their offers nicely; I wasn't that stupid to let strangers (or "trusted" online friends) to know where I live. As far as I knew, they could have easily be axe murderers. So, this one guy kept inviting me to meet him for dinner at a local restaurant. After awhile, I figured, why not, he seemed nice because I had seen how he handled himself in the heated debates. If he turned out an axe murderer or a serial killer, so be it. By the way, it wasn't about winning or losing the debate, but it was really about how he treated people with respect, it was about how he attempted to walk in his opponent's shoes that got my attention, but then again, Ted Bundy, the serial killer, seemed like a nice person too. I could never know for sure about anything. So I took a leaf of faith and met him for dinner at a public place, then another one a month later, then a few more, then we ended up meeting more and more often. One thing led to another, we have been together and happily married for over 13 years.

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My moms husband. Mom and I started playing diablo 1 online when I went to college. They met one night in the old folks channel and hit it off. Couple years later they got married.

Met several people from my old WoW guild, usually for lunch or dinner somewhere. Always went pretty well.

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1. My ex.
2. In hindsight, it was never really that great.
3. WoW 
4. Sometimes
5. Not weird, but nasty.


He was full of lies and the game always came first. Heaven forbid I ever interrupt his playing with my medical problems.

I really don't know why I stayed with him for so long but he still keeps nagging at me thinking I'll cave in and go back to him.

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