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Sorceries trophies


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The only one you cant get anywhere but a covenant is the one for rank 2 of the Bell Keeper Covenant I think.

You are absolutely correct. Hidden Weapon spell can ONLY be obtained through rank 2 of the Bell Keeper Covenant. The rest of the spells (miracles, pyros, hexes, and sorceries) can be bought on NG++.

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What about Climax hex? Don't you need rank 3 in Pilgrims Of Dark ?


Yep, and also Lifedrain Patch requires Dark Lurker's soul. Fighting Dark Lurker requires Pilgrims of Dark rank 2 (and killing it will put you in rank 3).

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But i thought like Sara-Rosecult mentioned, all can be bought at NG++? Lols im already advancing halfway through in NG+ with the mentality that i can buy all of them without ranking up in certain covenants. Please tell me that my mentality is right :( or else im gonna regret ranking up the covenant in NG++

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As far as I know, those 3 spells cannot be bought. Hidden Weapon (Bell Keepers 2), Climax (Pilgrims rank 2) and Lifedrain Patch (dark lurker's soul). I can't find any information otherwise on the DS2 wiki either. I've added the links to the spells.


Yes, that's absolutely correct, period.  Please note that I didn't use the period, in my previous post (j/k).


@McSpicy28,  I'm sorry that I forgot about Dark Lurker's soul.   The dark dungeons are very easy to clear, just walk forward one step at a time and lure the enemies out one at a time.  In most cases, I shoot them with a dragon rider bow.  As for the Dark Lurker, use Sunlight Spear on him once his health is about halfway because Sunlight Spear can kill him before he has a chance to split in two.   I did this on NG+7 without any problem (much easier at lower level).   This is really a fun battle that you don't want to skip.  Just like Kalameet in Darksoul, it's optional but it's fun.

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 you also need to get Heirs of the sun covenant to rank 3 to be able to get Sunlight Spear


True!  Sometimes, we often forget the obvious.  Heirs of the Sun is pretty easily to get.  Just put down your golden summon sign and help other people to take care 30 bosses.   Pretty easy!

In fact, we can also get it by summoning gold phantom to help take down 30 bosses in our world too.

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The trophy guide mentions that you can get the three spells from the covenents via NG++.


What you need to do is to beat NG+ and in post game go fight the Mirror Knight via esthetic. Then go into NG++ go to Drangleic Castle and talk to chansellor Wellinger. He'll sell the souls.


I am nearing Drangleic Castle so I'll confirm if this is true, but if someone written it into the guide then it should be true.





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