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When the servers go offline...


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wow man you have only 4 letters in your name, that's so lame bro. Also they won't go offline until NBA 2k16.  EA always have the latest release and the release before that online. P.S dude.. 4 letters.. did I mention how lame that was? We should start a club or something.. 

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It seems that there are nine trophies that have some online component necessary to obtain them.


Seven of them are on a MyTeam walkthrough:

  • Deal Me In
  • Seek and Destroy
  • 99 Problems and Domination Ain't One
  • Top of the World
  • Iced Out
  • Collect Em' All
  • There's More

The two other online trophies are Streak Buster and Not One, Not Two, Not Three...Okay Just One.

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Not only that, but you have to get the Win 5 NBA today matchups while the season's still going!! Once the NBA Finals are over, you can no longer earn that trophy!! So get to it!! (I need to finally start it up myself :P)


EDIT: You have until Sunday to earn that trophy, or 2K14 will be a unplattable game. Gonna fire it up over the weekend just to earn that trophy, then chip away at the online later in the week.

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I won today 7 games with the Spurs and 3 games with the Heat and no trophy for me at all, any tips on it? Does the quarter length and difficult affects it?


EDIT: Won more 3 games with Heat and in one of them with a buzzer beater winning shot and NOTHING, this shit game is not unlocking trophies at all, I'm done of it.

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probably not going to happen

when I connect to nba I get the message "synchronization nba today" even though the season is already over, so I think synchronization will continue and as soon as the season begins there should be new games today nba and i think that this mode will end with the nba2k14 servers.

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